AI is a new phase in progress

AI is a new phase in progress - probably the next industrial revolution   Industrial robots meant progress by increasing productivity in factories - blue collar workers, performing easy, repetitive tasks were replaced by machines / robots. AI technology means progress by replacing more complex jobs which require human capabilities such as : understanding, [...]

AI evolution in context

The big picture - AI evolution in context   AI didn’t come into existence out of the blue. It will also not disappear all of a sudden. It is the natural evolution of progress - it is the next stage in the industrial revolution.   The first Industrial Revolution happened between 1750-1870 (120 years). The [...]

AI in Education – What is AI ?

As we plan to dive into the topic of “AI in Education”, we should first know what AI really is. In fact, it is not very easy to explain, as even AI data scientists have a hard time defining it, but in a nutshell we can say that AI is a computer system designed to [...]

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