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It’s a collection of articles and podcasts focused on the future of technology. We mostly deep dive into artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, often viewed through the lens of education. We believe that education is the key to almost everything and the only way to progress.

Many fear artificial intelligence technology. The reasons might be very different, ranging from end of the world, apocalyptic scenarios to the basic fear of losing their current job. It’s true, artificial intelligence will take away some jobs, probably quite a lot of them.

But it will also create new careers. It is very exciting to think about what these jobs of the future might be looking like. By far, the most intriguing question is how will people perform in the not yet invented jobs of tomorrow, since no one ever received any formal training for these brand new careers. We believe that skills are the only way for us to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

The most important advantage artificial intelligence brings is empowering lots of people by enabling them to do things they were not able to do before, things which were before available only to a few – the privileged ones. Now, everyone has access to amazing features, in every industry sector.

Equally important, artificial intelligence brings the gift of education to children which never even dreamt of such opportunity. Most western people take education for granted, but even in the western world, not everyone has access to top notch education and private tutors. Thanks to AI, now this is possible. But in remote areas, or not so well-off regions, education was widely unavailable. Now, it is available to all.

Combining AI with blockchain technology, we believe that truly amazing things might become reality. So, if education, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are of interest to you, we would be very happy to have you in our regular audience.