Helps students develop tomorrow’s, AI-resilient and in-demand skills.

Helps students choose a matching career to their own unique skill set.

Helps students develop the missing skills required by their chosen career.


Creates holistic skill-profiles.

  • Collects data from :

    • curricular courses
    • extracurriculars
    • camps, trips
    • summer school
  • Collects data during :

    • kindergarten
    • primary school
    • middle school
    • high school


Links skill-profiles to possible careers.

Skills are developed during the school years. Same skills are required by careers. Our software is recommending a set of careers matching the student’s current skill profile. This way, Career Finder helps students choose an AI-resilient and in-demand career, which matches each student’s unique individual abilities and talents.


Improves skill-profiles for chosen careers.

Skills Architect shows students how to develop the skills they are currently missing, in order to follow their chosen career.