Our mission is to improve education through digitization :

– we help students choose the right career – according to their talents

– we help schools be more efficient → school staff can now focus more on education

As a direct result of our work, parents are more satisfied with the school.

We achieve our mission by :

– monitoring student skill development from age 3 to graduation and beyond.

– developing custom software and offering consulting services on process digitization.

Career-related facts :

Most of today’s students will have jobs which are not yet invented. Probably the majority of these new jobs will require creativity and technical skills.

About 50% of current job positions will not exist anymore by 2050 as they will be performed by software programs and robots.

On top of academic success, a student must possess a wide range of skills, especially the so called “21st century skills” – creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration.

21st century skills are mostly developed in extracurricular activities (music, sports, art), during summer schools and camps / trips.

Students must be exposed to as many co-curricular activities as possible before graduation – starting as early as age 3.

Possessing a wide range of skills prepares students much better for adult life and enables them to be successful in dealing with uncertainty throughout their career.

The main outcome is that students will most likely not be obligated to reconvert their career 20-30 years after graduation.

About us :

HEDKY is created and constantly upgraded by a very dedicated team with mixed competencies in international schools, software development and business management.

The main co-founder of the company is Alex Canariov, an MBA graduate from HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany.

Alex has direct experience with the international schools business model for 10+ years as teacher, extra-curricular activities provider and parent (incl. parent representative and member of the parent association leadership team).

Software development plays a central point in his career. Alex is a self-taught full-stack software developer and mostly covered IT project manager / product owner roles during his business consulting career in France and Germany.

HEDKY is an acronym and it stands for :


Education (and)

Digitization (for)

Kids (and)