AI taking over many jobs in probably 15 to 20 years should not mean the end of the world for humans! On the contrary, this could be a good thing. A very good thing!


On one hand, humans will probably focus more on tasks which involve direct human interactions, tasks which can’t be performed by AI, such as tasks in education or health care.


On the other hand, an universal income for humans is not inconceivable now and it should really be implemented, as the huge increase of efficiency in the white collar sector will finally match the already achieved efficiency advancement in the blue collar area.

Therefore, humans will have the liberty of exploring completely new ideas and, probably, invent amazing new things and concepts, which will take humanity further. Probably progress will increase exponentially in science and other areas.


In the short run, the advantage of using AI was, and still is, that humans do not waste valuable time anymore with boring, time consuming routine tasks. Now, also creative tasks have been largely automated by AI. For the moment, still with the implication of at least one human operator – the prompt engineer.

But we could focus on different tasks now, like those which require human interaction – for example teachers and school staff could focus more on education. Or could think of how to help students use the “new” AI products in a constructive way. Teachers could, or shall I say should, think of creative ways to improve teaching as basic explanations of even very complex concepts can easily be done by AI. Chat GPT can really enhance and speed up learning exponentially. An honest student can now learn much more, much faster. And this is a good thing.