50% of current job positions will disappear by 2050 !

65% of students entering school now will have jobs which have not yet been invented !

Like any of the previous Industrial Revolutions, the 4th one will destroy many jobs, but it will also create new ones. What’s different now, compared to the previous industrial revolutions, is that it is very difficult to predict what these new jobs will be, as new, ground-breaking technologies emerge every several quarters. Subsequently, it is very difficult to predict what skills will be needed for this yet not invented jobs. It is also difficult to predict at the moment which jobs / careers will be destroyed, as the 4th industrial revolution has just started to unfold only a few years ago (at the moment of writing this article). Therefore, it is not easy to predict which skills will become obsolete in 10 or 20 years.

We believe that one of the best way to tackle this situation is by monitoring the skills development. This way, in a few years when the landscape will hopefully be less turbulent, parents, counselors and students themselves will have a much better idea about their abilities and the gaps which need to be filled.

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