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This is already episode number 4 of our “AI in Education” series. If you haven’t watched or listened to the previous episodes, please do so.

AI didn’t come into existence out of the blue. It will also not disappear all of a sudden. It is the natural evolution of technology – it is the next industrial revolution. The 5th one, to be more exact.

The 1st Industrial Revolution happened between 1750 and 1870. It lasted for 120 years. The most notable invention during the period was the steam engine. Main characteristics: mechanization, birth of industry, agriculture was replaced as main economic activity.

The 2nd Industrial Revolution took place between 1870 and 1950. It lasted a bit less, only 80 years. The most notable invention was the automobile. Main characteristics: basic technological advancements, such as the production line, electricity (based on gas and oil), steel, chemicals or the telephone.

The 3rd Industrial Revolution happened between 1950 and 2000. It only took 50 years. The most notable invention during this period was the computer. Main characteristics: more technological advancements, such as industrial robots, electronics, telecommunications, nuclear energy.

The 4th Industrial Revolution just ended last year. It started in 2000 and was probably over in 2022. The most notable invention during the current period was the internet. Main characteristics: emphasis on digitization – powerful computers.

The 5th Industrial Revolution follows only naturally. The most notable invention will be Artificial Intelligence. AI will become widespread and a part of everyday life on so many levels, we can’t even imagine today.

Next you will find out more about this 5th Industrial Revolution which happens as we speak.