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We help universities increase their EFFICIENCY

We help universities increase their ATTRACTIVENESS

HEDKY SKILLSLink courses to careers

Monitors Student Skill Development – from age 3 to graduation and beyond…

Skill Passport

Student Skill Profile – collects data from curricular courses and extracurricular activities at the end of each term

What skills are developed in each CC & ECA

What skills are required in various careers

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HEDKY ALUMNISkill Passport for life

After School Activities / Co-Curricular Activities for Primary, Secondary and Kindergarten | Holiday Care / Summer School | Camps & School Trips | Student Tutoring (e.g. CAS)

online teaching | teaching materials | real-time attendance | progress tracker | evaluation (grading & feedback)

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HEDKY ROOMS Manage classrooms, halls, gyms

Facility Management Platform for all the classrooms, halls, gyms in the university across multiple university sections and programs

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Automatic course progress tracker to monitor the remaining course workload

Students can see the courses taught during the following years or in other university sections

Online sign-up to elective courses

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Organize easily one-to-one conferences or group meetings / presentations

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Communications platform including mobile ready news feeds filtered for various audiences

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