HEDKY Advantages

One Stop Shop ECA Software

HEDKY covers all ECAs in kindergarten, primary, secondary >>>

One Stop Shop ECA Software

After School Activities, After School Care, Holiday Care, Athletics Training, Camps, Parent Evenings and more…

All Stakeholders in one place

ECA Software specially designed for International Schools >>>

All Stakeholders on the same App

Everybody is connected on HEDKY : ECA staff, coaches, teachers, bus driver, external providers, parents, educators, camp staff, students…

Free on-line module

We support parents, students and teachers during the crisis >>>

COVID-19 Support Discounts

Our FREE on-line module enables freelance teachers to offer after school activities to their regular students during the Covid-19 crisis.

All ECAs in one place

After School Activities / Athletics Training Sessions

We cover all school sections – kindergarten, primary, secondary.

After School Care

We know that in addition to After School Activities (or Clubs), schools also offer standard a After School Care program. We understand it is different. That’s why HEDKY has special features adapted to the specific needs of the After School Care programs.

Holiday Care / Summer School

Manage with HEDKY your programs offered during the holidays, using all or only some of the above mentioned features.

Camps / Trips, School Plays, Parent Evenings

When we said we cover all possible ECAs we were not joking. Manage on HEDKY registrations for Parent Evenings or Camps. Our parents are really happy to use only one platform for all the ECA-related bookings and registrations. Especially the parents of siblings who happen to be in different school sections !

Additional Built-in Features

Amazing integrations for parents !

In addition to booking all ECAs on HEDKY, parents can also book Parent – Teacher Conferences spots, communicate with other parents or with coaches.

Amazing integrations for schools !

ECA staff and managers can easily set up courses, assign to activities and/or students classrooms, musical instruments and transportation or analyse performance of previous terms / years.

Everybody is on the same platform

HEDKY brings together on the same App all stakeholders involved in ECAs !

  • ECA staff (educators)

  • parents

  • coaches (internal / external)

  • internal ECA providers

  • external ECA providers (e.g. music teachers)

  • ECA managers

  • students

  • bus drivers

  • teachers (PTC)

  • school’s marketing staff

  • school’s scheduling staff (classroom, gym, football pitch management)

  • school’s resource managers (musical instruments)

Stronger, Greener, On Sale

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

FREE on-line module in 2021

We support students, (freelance) teachers and parents during the crisis !


Our FREE on-line module enables freelance teachers to offer after school activities to their regular students during the Covid-19 crisis.

Universal ECAS Bookings

HEDKY enables parents, students and teachers to easily book ANYTHING

Amazing App Features

If it happens after school and it’s bookable, then it’s HEDKY.

21st Century Skills

ECAs develop skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication

Amazing App Features

HEDKY helps schools by making them more efficient, parents by offering a better ECA experience and ultimately students by acquiring 21st century skills.

Real-Time Attendance

teacher/provider takes attendance - school staff see it immediately

Amazing App Features

parents receive attendance reports for after school activities, after school care workshops, camps, athletics training sessions and more

Emerge stronger

Let's use the COVID-19 crisis to digitize and leap forward !

Emerging stronger after COVID-19

Impress your parents with increased efficiency in organizing and running ECAs !

Parent Bookings

book anything from parent evenings to the school's fitness room

Amazing App Features

Parent Evenings – Parent Teacher Conferences – School Bus – Fitness Room – Swimming Pool – Tickets to the Christmas Concert or to the school Musical

Rooms Management

HEDKY has a very powerful facility management tool

Amazing App Features

classrooms – gyms – football pitch – aula – concert hall – fitness room – swimming pool

Special Music Lessons

our unique catalogue for music lessons really helps students and music teachers

Amazing App Features

We know that music lessons are different. That’s why we have created a special section to manage music lessons differently.

After School Clubs

primary - secondary - kindergarten - special music and athletics catalogue

Amazing App Features

Parents in all school sections can easily book activities for their children and manage everything in a single calendar.

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