Out with the old – in with the new


As mentioned already in our series of articles on “AI in Education”, a central point is the automation of future jobs. Many jobs will be lost to AI, but also new jobs will be created. Usually, the new jobs created are more complex, require more creativity and humans need to be highly qualified in order to be able to perform these newly created jobs. These new jobs are also paid much better.


Jobs related to courier services are among the most likely ones to be lost to automation in the next 30 years. This job is particularly under threat as both the delivery and the driving parts of the job are likely to be automated very soon. Also back-office jobs such as planning, delivery monitoring or customer service are very likely to be automated. We all know that many delivery companies already experiment with drones to deliver parcels. Also, self-driving cars are already a reality. Thus, by 2050 it is very likely to have automated delivery and many job positions related to courier services will become obsolete.

But this will create new jobs, such as drone operator / maintenance engineer, software developer specialized in drone delivery / AI automation software for delivery. Various jobs in the drone production sector will also emerge.

So low paying jobs will be replaced with higher paying jobs.


The trick is that today’s students should be informed about these trends well in advance. This way they will focus on careers which are less likely to be lost to automation. For this, they need to know which skills are required by these new careers and start taking courses which develop exactly these required skills.


This is where HEDKY AI comes to help, by creating a student skill profile updated after each term. Students, parents and schools can thus easily monitor the skill development and change the career path well in advance if necessary.